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Noud van Hecke, organisational psychologist and Partner at Vidacto

Noud van Hecke (1973) is an organisational psychologist and Partner at Vidacto (training, coaching, assessment). As a trainer and coach he helps individuals and teams in finding and maintaining job satisfaction, in feeling energized and in realizing personal goals. Based on the ambition to always enjoy your work with pleasure and energy. Being able to deal effectively with (work) stress is an important part of this. Noud obtained his master degree in 1999 at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. He worked for several consultancy firms. In 2006 he started Vidacto. The vision of organizational development is that proud and resilient people, that enjoy their work, always make the difference. Organizations develop best by developing every individual and every team in that organization.

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