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Martina Darmanin, President, European Students’ Union

Martina Darmanin is currently serving as the President of the European Students’ Union (ESU). She holds a Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences from the University of Malta and organized her Master's research study in food sciences together with Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Bio-economy in Potsdam, Germany. During her studies, Martina joined the student movement through the Malta Health Students' Association (MHSA) and the National Student Council in Malta (KSU).

As President of ESU, Martina's portfolio guides the organizations' policy development on the social dimension, its advocacy towards the BFUG, and its project coordination in relation to access to (higher) education and academic freedom. As a representative of ESU, she currently serves as the Vice President of the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLtion (GCE).

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