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F. Jesús Alvarez Hidalgo

F. Jesús Alvarez Hidalgo is a Medical Doctor with extensive experience in Occupational Health. Since 1994, he is working as an official of the European Commission, currently serving as a Policy Officer at the Health and Safety Unit of the European Commission in Luxembourg, within the Directorate General “Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion”.

He is in charge of the relations with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA, based in Bilbao, Spain). He is also dealing with several files related to Public Health and Occupational Safety and Health, such as the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, being as well the Unit's Communication correspondent.

Before joining the Commission he served as an Emergency Medicine Doctor, as a Medical Inspector of the Social Security and as a Director of several public hospitals in Spain, including a psychiatric hospital.

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