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Evelyn Kaizer, ARQ National Psychotrauma Center, The Netherlands

Evelyn Kaizer is a health psychologist in training who has been working for ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre since 2013.

Contributing to opportunities to care for people living on the margins of society has always been important to her. For example, during her study she researched to what extend HIV-infected children could gain access to antiretrovirals in the rural areas of South Africa.

She then conducted research into stigmatization among former abducted child soldiers in northern Uganda who have returned to the community. Once back in the Netherlands, she has worked in various projects aiming to give refugees access to mental health care. Among others she has been preparing victims of human trafficking for their interview with the Dutch Immigration Service.

She has helped setting up the mental health department for undocumented refugees who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For many years as a psychologist she has provided trauma-focused psychotherapy to refugees with PTSD or with trauma related problems, both to undocumented people and to refugees with a residence permit.

Besides focusing on trauma treatment, she has worked as a trainer and developer on the ‘Mind Spring psycho-education' prevention programme aiming at refugees through a peer approach for both children and their caretakers.


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